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Toyota, Suzuki Samurai, and Jeep Off Road Parts

Corner Relief Gusset

Weld-On Gussets and Light Bar Tabs

Samurai Front Axle Service Kit

Samurai Knuckle Sandwich Kit

Mechanical to Electrical Speedometer Adapter

Samurai Clutches

Samurai Spindle Nut Socket

Toyota, Suzuki Samurai, and Jeep Off Road Parts

Detroit Locker

Detroit Locker, 4cyl and V6


Detroit Lockers offer full and positive traction for serious rock crawling. Detroit lockers work like a ratchet wrench, allowing one wheel to spin faster as needed for going around corners but does not allow either wheel to go slower than the drive speed. Totally automatic with no buttons to press. Solid reliability.

Available options:

  • Detroit Locker 4Cyl, 140023-1
  • Detroit Locker V6 & High Pinion, 140024-1