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Corner Relief Gusset

Weld-On Gussets and Light Bar Tabs

Samurai Front Axle Service Kit

Samurai Knuckle Sandwich Kit

Mechanical to Electrical Speedometer Adapter

Samurai Clutches

Samurai Spindle Nut Socket

Orbital (Steering Control Valve)

Orbital Steering Valve

All of Trail-Gear’s orbitals (steering control valves) have a built in return-to-center function. This means that when the driver releases the wheel the tires will automatically return to the center position. This is a convenient feature that allows for slow rock crawling or driving at higher speeds. The amount of turns it takes to get from lock to lock will depend on what ram you combine with your orbital. We have included a chart that will tell you exactly how many turns it will take to get from lock to lock with the different orbital/ram combinations, with the recommended combinations in bold blue letters.

Note: Our orbitals are open center.

Available options:

  • Orbital, 6-inch ram, 130043-1-KIT
  • Orbital, 8-inch ram, 130044-1-KIT
  • Orbital, 10-inch ram, 130045-1-KIT
Orbital Rating
in ml/rev
6-Inch Ram 8-Inch Ram 10-Inch Ram
100 (6.1)
2.7 3.6 4.5
125 (7.6) 2.2 2.9 3.6
160 (9.8) 1.7 2.3 2.8


Steering Columns

Steering Columns

130297-1-KIT - This steering column will allow you to use your existing Toyota steering linkage without having to buy a coupler and then cut and weld on your steering shaft.  This steering column measures 3 1/4 inches from the base of the flange to the outer edge of the shaft, and fits most brands of steering valves (Orbitals) that are commonly used in this application.

130298-1-KIT - This steering column measures 4 3/4 inches from the base of the flange to the outer edge of the shaft, the OD of the shaft is 3/4 inches and the shaft itself is round with no splines, it is a blank. This column will fit most popular steering valve applications currently used in off-roading.

130299-1-KIT - This steering column measures 8 3/4 inches from the flange to the outer edge of the shaft, the OD of the shaft is 3/4 inches and is round with no splines. This kit can be used with a coupler and a steering shaft. Fits most popular steering valves used for rock crawling.

Note: Does not include orbital or orbital mounting kit.

Available options:

  • Steering Column, 3 1/4 Inches, 130297-1-KIT
  • Steering Column, 4 3/4 Inches, 130298-1-KIT
  • Steering Column, 8 3/4 Inches, 130299-1-KIT

Orbital Mounting Kit

Orbital Mounting Kit

Finally an easy way to mount your orbital without all the measuring and fabrication work. This kit is so simple that anyone with basic welding skills can have it fully installed in under an hour. The 3 plates that make up the kit are laser cut out of 3/16 inch steel, and precision machined for a perfect fit. This kit will fit most standard style orbitals used in this application. Kit is shipped unpainted and unwelded.

Orbital Mounting Kit, 130295-1-KIT