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Toyota, Suzuki Samurai, and Jeep Off Road Parts

Rock Defense™ Tube Doors

Rock Assault™ Tube Doors

Rock Assault™ Tube Doors

Pull Action Slam Latch and
Adjustable Rubber Door Stop
Rock Assault™ Tube Doors

See our tube doors in action:

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Tired of beating up your stock doors on the rocks or hanging your head out the window so you can see where you're going? Trail-Gear has the answer. We are proud to introduce our new Rock Defense™ Tube Doors for 2nd gen pickups and 4Runners and 3rd gen pickups. Our Rock Defense™ Tube Doors are the strongest on the market and made from 1 3/4” x .120” wall 1035 DOM tubing to ensure that they will protect you and your truck from the rocks.

Rock Defense™ Tube Doors are sold as a complete set and include our newly designed pull action slam latches, which allow you to simply get in or out without trying to insert a pin to make the door latch. You just slam it like you would the stock door and it shuts securely. In conjunction with our slam latches we also included an adjustable rubber door stop that allows you to adjust how tightly your door shuts so there is never any rattling and the door never pops open.

Doors are shipped raw and will need to be painted before installation, all necessary hardware is included.

Available Options:

  • Rock Defense™ Tube Doors, 120132-1-KIT, 84-88 Pickups/84-89 4Runners
  • Rock Defense™ Tube Doors, 120136-1-KIT, 89-95 Pickup Only