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Toyota, Suzuki Samurai, and Jeep Off Road Parts

Corner Relief Gusset

Weld-On Gussets and Light Bar Tabs

Samurai Front Axle Service Kit

Samurai Knuckle Sandwich Kit

Mechanical to Electrical Speedometer Adapter

Samurai Clutches

Samurai Spindle Nut Socket

Weld In Steering Rod Bungs

Weld-In Steering Rod Bungs

Finally a weld in bung with the thread pitch of an FJ80 TRE, which is the most commonly used TRE in Toyota hi-steer kits. Once welded into your tie rod or drag link, this bung will allow you to make a custom length steering shaft in minutes.

Bungs are designed to weld into 1.25" x .25" wall steering rods. They are precision machined from 8620 solid billet steel and are sold individually as RH or LH.

Available Options:

  • Weld In Steering Rod Bungs, RH, 130319-KIT
  • Weld In Steering Rod Bungs, LH, 130320-KIT

Creeper Joints

Creeper Joints

These heavy duty rod ends are ideal for today's flexible suspension systems. Super strong, Creeper Joints will hold up to years of punishment. The outer shell is a single forged piece. The inner flex ball is made from 8620 tool steel and rides on high quality polyurethane bushings. Heavy-duty, hardened steel washers hold the joint together. Creeper Joints are super flexible and allow for up to 40 degrees of movement when used with spacers. A threaded grease fitting is provided on top for lubrication. The flex ball is drilled for cross lubrication flow from the shell to the link mount bolt. Each joint includes a jam nut!

Three different flex ball sizes; 9/16", 5/8" & 18mm, allow you to choose the right size to match your application. The threaded section is either 1" or 1-1/4" in diameter with 14 or 12 threads per inch respectively.

Creeper Joints are also available in a shackle mount for use with leaf springs. Using a Creeper Joint on the shackle end of a leaf spring reduces spring binding and increases suspension flex. Creeper Joint shackle mounts are sold in pairs and do not include the shackles, bolts, or spring bushings.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 1" Thread, 18mm, Right Thread, 110771-KIT
  • 1" Thread, 18mm, Left Thread, 110774-KIT
  • 1" Thread, 5/8", Right Thread, 110773-KIT
  • 1" Thread, 5/8", Left Thread, 110776-KIT
  • 1" Thread, 9/16", Right Thread, 110772-KIT
  • 1" Thread, 9/16", Left Thread, 110775-KIT
  • 1.25" Thread, 18mm, Right Thread, 110757-KIT
  • 1.25" Thread, 18mm, Left Thread, 110760-KIT
  • 1.25" Thread, 5/8", Right Thread, 110759-KIT
  • 1.25" Thread, 5/8", Left Thread, 110762-KIT
  • 1.25" Thread, 9/16", Right Thread, 110758-KIT
  • 1.25" Thread, 9/16", Left Thread, 110761-KIT

FJ-80 Tie Rod End

FJ-80 Tie Rod End

Heavy duty FJ-80 tie rod ends are ideal for Toyota crossover steering applications. These rod ends are greased for life and sealed. Includes cotter pin and jam nut.

Available options:

  • Rod End FJ-80 Right Thread, 130586-1-KIT
  • Rod End FJ-80 Left Thread, 130587-1-KIT

Creeper Joint Rebuild Kit

Creeper Joint Rebuild Kit


Over time rod ends become worn, and their performance deteriorates. It is important to service your joints and replace any worn out parts to ensure the longetivity of your joints.

This kit will only fit our Creeper Joints.

Note: You will need a press to install this rebuild kit. You will also need to grease the joint after installation.

Kit consist of the following:

  • (1) Snap Ring
  • (2) Bushings
  • (2) Washers
  • (1) Greese Zerk

Creeper Joint Rebuild Kit, 301078-KIT


Tie Rod Kit

Trail-Gear has made the perfect kit for building tie rod links for use with a double-ended ram. Based on our testing and experience with kits like these, we know that the failure point is always in the tie rod ends, which is why Trail-Gear uses only our own brand of Chromo Rod Ends. The main body of each rod end is 100% 4340 chromoly, and the ball of each rod end is made out of AISI 52100 material and then hard chrome-plated for an extremely tough finish.  We also added tie rod tubing that is 100% seamless DOM, and to top it off the weld in bungs are machined out of solid billet. With these components in place we feel that this kit is so strong it stands apart from every other kit on the market.

This kit is also perfect match for our Rock Assault™ Double Ended Ram and Clevis Kits.

Tie Rod Kit

Full Hydro Tie Rod KitKit includes:

  • (2) Tie rod tubing (100% DOM)
  • (2) Right-hand threaded rod ends (Chromoly)
  • (2) Left-hand threaded rod ends  (Chromoly)
  • (2) Right-hand threaded jam nut
  • (2) Left-hand threaded jam nut
  • (2) ¾”-16 right-hand threaded weld-on bung (Billet)
  • (2) ¾”-16 left-hand threaded weld-on bung (Billet)

Tie Rod Kit, Full Hydro, 130291-1-KIT


Tacoma Drag Link

Tacoma Drag Link

The Tacoma Drag Link is 38 1/4" long and works with our Rock Assault™ Left-Hand Drop Front Axle Housing with 59" WMS to WMS.

This drag link is made from .250" wall DOM 1.25" tubing, precision tapped, and features a left side thread mark. Each rod is test fitted to ensure that rod ends thread in with correct fit. Powder coated black finish.

Tacoma Drag Link, 38 1/4", 130321-1-KIT


Threaded Bungs

Threaded Bungs

Bungs are welded into tubing to create suspension and setting links.

1" and 1.25" bungs are for use on tubing with a 1.5" ID. 3/4" and 7/8" bungs are for use on tubing with a 1" ID. Left threaded parts are identified by machined groove.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 3/4"-16, Right Thread, 110136-1-KIT
  • 3/4"-16, Left Thread, 110137-1-KIT
  • 7/8"-14, Right Thread, 110121-1-KIT OVERSTOCK
  • 7/8"-14, Left Thread, 110122-1-KIT OVERSTOCK
  • 1"-14, Right Thread, 110123-1-KIT
  • 1"-14, Left Thread, 110124-1-KIT OVERSTOCK
  • 1.25"-12, Right Thread, 110074-1-KIT
  • 1.25"-12, Left Thread, 110113-1-KIT



Misalignment Spacers

Misalignment Spacers

High misalignment spacers increase misalignment by continuing the spherical diameter of the ball and allowing the edge of the ball to rotate into the body of the rod  end. This allows greater articulation, more suspension travel, and longer life of the rod end.

The inner diameter of the high misalignment spacer is smaller than the inner diameter of the rod end, so a smaller bolt is required. We have listed a conversion chart that will allow you to easily see what size bolt you will need when using our misalignment spacers. Machined from 303 stainless steel.

Misalignment spacers are sold in pairs. Note: Standard misalignment spacers are only used when the width of the ball is too narrow for the bracket it is being used with.

Part # Rod End Bore Size Bolt Size Mounting Width w/ Rod End Misalignment Angle
186008-KIT 3/4" 1/2" 1.75" 34°
186029-KIT 3/4" 9/16" 1.75" 32°
186009-KIT 3/4" 5/8" 1.75" 30°
186010-KIT 7/8" 1/2" 2.0" 34°
186030-KIT 7/8" 9/16" 2.0" 32°
186011-KIT 7/8" 5/8" 2.0" 30°
186012-KIT 7/8" 3/4" 2.0" 30°
186031-KIT 1.0" 9/16" 2.625" 36°
186013-KIT 1.0" 5/8" 2.625" 34°
186014-KIT 1.0" 3/4" 2.625" 32°


O.D. Tube Clamps

OD Tube Clamps

Trail-Gear O.D. Tube Clamps are ideal for suspension and steering brackets that you need attached to a section of tubing when you don’t want to weld the bracket directly to the tubing because adjustment or frequent removal of the bracket is needed.

The O.D. Tube Clamp is perfect for attaching shock brackets to suspension link or steering brackets to steering rods or links and allows you to attach steel mounting brackets that are readily available to aluminum suspension links and steering rods that you could not otherwise weld steel brackets to.

Manufactured from 1020 steel, with a clamping force of up to 8,600lbs these tube clamps will not fail even under the most extreme circumstances. Sold Individually.

Kit Includes:

  • (6) 1/4-20 x 7/8" zinc-plated screws
  • (2) Clamp Halves

Available Options:

  • O.D. Tube Clamps, 1", 180129-KIT
  • O.D. Tube Clamps, 1 1/4", 180128-KIT
  • O.D. Tube Clamps, 1 1/2", 180127-KIT
  • O.D. Tube Clamps, 1 3/4", 180126-KIT
  • O.D. Tube Clamps, 2", 180125-KIT

Chromoly Interlocking Tube Clamps

Chromoly Interlocking Tube Clamps


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Need to place a support tube across your truggy or buggy, but need the flexibility to remove a motor, transmission, or even a seat? We have the perfect solution for you, Trail-Gear’s Interlocking Tube Clamps. They are machined from 100% 4130 Chromoly and use a counter sunk allen head screw.

Kit includes:

  • Tube clamp (1)
  • Allen head bolts (2)
Part # Outer Diameter Wall Thickness
180109-KIT 1" .065"
180110-KIT 1" .120"
180095-KIT 1-1/4" .095"
180096-KIT 1-1/4" .120"
180113-KIT 1-1/2" .095"
180114-KIT 1-1/2" .120"
180111-KIT 1-3/4" .095"
180112-KIT 1-3/4" .120"


TRE Replacement Boots

TRE Replacement Boots

These replacement boots are made to fit Trail-Gear FJ 80 TRE, and many other popular tie rod ends. These boots are made from a special compound of UV resistant NBR (Naturally Blended Rubber) and are a direct replacement for our hi-steer TRE’s. Installation is a snap, all that is required is some grease and a pair of snap ring pliers.

TRE Replacement Boot, 130089-1-KIT


Weld On Tube Ends

Weld On Tube Ends

Weld-on tube ends for 1-1/2" O.D. x .120" wall and 1-3/4" O.D. x .120" wall tubing are great for bumpers, cages, and other custom tube work that might need an end cap for added strength or visual appeal. They are stamped from 3/16" 1020 steel.

These tube ends are sold in 10 packs.

Available Options:

  • Tube End Kit, 1-1/2"O.D. x .120", 180188-KIT
  • Tube End Kit, 1-3/4"O.D. x .120", 180189-KIT

Rod Ends

Rod Ends

Don't be fooled by lookalike rod ends, they are not all the same. Trail-Gear rod ends are the strongest on the market, tested, and proven. The main body of this rod end is 100% 4340 chromoly and then finished with a zinc coating,  the ball is made out of AISI 52100 material and then hard chrome-plated for a tough finish. The liner is made out of a teflon. The best part is that there is no need to pay for jam nuts, because Trail-Gear rod ends come with them.

Features:Steel alloy body

  • Heat treated
  • Zinc plated
  • Teflon lined
TG Kit Part # Industry Standard Part # Bore Size Thread Load Rating
186027-KIT JMX12T .750" 3/4-16 28,100 lb.
186028-KIT JMXL12T .750" 3/4-16 LH 28,100 lb.
186025-KIT JMX14T .875" 7/8-14 55,700 lb.
186026-KIT JMXL14T .875" 7/8-14 LH 55,700 lb.
186023-KIT JMX16T 1" 1-14 107,183 lb.
186024-KIT JMXL16T 1" 1-14 LH 107,183 lb.
186021-KIT JMX16T-1 1" 1-1/4-12 107,183 lb.
186022-KIT JMXL16T-1 1" 1-1/4-12 LH 107,183 lb.