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Tacoma SAS Steering Kit

Tacoma Steering Kit

Some customers like to put together their own SAS kits to lift their first-generation Tacoma, but they all have trouble finding the right parts to link their steering to an IFS Steering Box. By popular demand, we took the same steering parts we use in our own SAS kit and have put together this Tacoma SAS Steering Kit to take the guesswork out of making your own Tacoma steering linkage.

Note: This kit requires a solid-axle swap and IFS steering box.

Kit Contains:

  • Adjustable-Length Double-D Steering Shaft
  • Firewall Plate
  • Steering Shaft Seal
  • U-Joint for both ends of steering shaft

Available Options:

  • Tacoma SAS Steering Kit, 1996-2004, 301063-1-KIT
  • Tacoma SAS Steering Kit, 1995, 301064-1-KIT

Tacoma SAS Steering Shaft

Tacoma SAS Steering Shaft


Universal Double-D telescoping, heat-treated steel steering shaft. This shaft adjusts from 21" to 27". The shaft can also be cut down to your desired length.

Click here for product dimensions.

Tacoma SAS Steering Shaft, 130084-1-KIT


Tacoma Steering Shaft Seal

Tacoma Steering Shaft Seal


OEM Replacement Steering Shaft Seal. Fits into the Tacoma Firewall and other stock Toyota applications.

Application Data:

  • Trail-Gear Toyota Tacoma Firewall (P/N 130092-1-KIT)
  • 2000-2004 Toyota Tacoma (2.4L Engine)
  • 1997-2004 Toyota Tacoma (2.7L & 3.4L Engines)
  • 1999-2004 Toyota Tundra (3.4L Engine)
  • 2004-2013 Toyota Tundra (4.0L Engines)
  • 1999-2013 Toyota Tundra (4.7L Engines)
  • 1997-2013 Toyota 4Runner (2.7L & 3.4L Engines)
  • 2000-2013 Toyota Sequoia (4.7L Engine)

Tacoma Steering Shaft Seal, 301061-1-KIT


Tacoma Steering Shaft U-Joint

Tacoma SAS Steering Shaft


Heat-treated steel U-joints used with our Tacoma SAS Steering Shaft.

Click here for product dimensions.

Available Options:

  • Tacoma SAS Steering U-joint, IFS Box, 1995-2004, 130086-1-KIT
  • Tacoma SAS Steering U-joint, Steering Column, 1996-2004, 130085-1-KIT
  • Tacoma SAS Steering U-joint, Steering Column, 1995, 130109-1-KIT

Tacoma Firewall Kit

Tacoma Firewall Kit

When doing a solid axle conversion on a Tacoma, you are required to remove the OEM rack and pinion steering system, which leaves a large hole in your firewall. Our Tacoma firewall plate fills that hole and bolts into the OEM fastener locations. This kit takes all the work out of this area of the project and cuts a 2 hour job down to 10 minutes.

If you need guidance, please see the Tacoma SAS Kit instructions, starting at step 102.

Tacoma Firewall Kit, 130092-1-KIT