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Trail-Linkā„¢ Anti-Wrap Track Bar Axle Mount

Track Bar Axle Mount

It's a fact that leaf springs can wrap-up under the torque of rock crawling. Low gears and flexible springs are more susceptible to this effect. For most trail rigs the wrap up does not present a problem. For those tackling the top trails and hardest lines, a track bar helps improve traction and responsiveness of the suspension system on the trail.

Using our Formula Toy competition buggy, we have developed an anti-wrap bar that totally controls undesirable axle wrap without limiting suspension travel and articulation. The Axle bracket to the right is designed to fit tightly on 1986-1995 Toyota Pickup and 4Runner 3" style axle housings. This bracket is designed for use with Creeper Joint rod ends.

Track Bar Axle Mount, 111333-1-KIT